Welcome to Seeds of Change Health and Wellness Center (fka: Phoenix PT).

We have been in the business of physical therapy for over 15 years. Our integrated treatment model has continued to evolve to meet our client’s needs and to stay in tune with the shifting climate of healthcare. We recently changed our name to Seeds of Change Health and Wellness Center (SOC). This change reflects our transition from a focus on symptom driven care towards a goal of optimum, ongoing health for all of our clients.

Seeds of Change offers a wide variety of physical therapy services to improve every patient’s health and well being through expert client-centered care and attention. Our treatments are customized to uniquely meet each client’s needs wherever they are on the continuum of care.

Wellness was added to our name as we have been integrating it into our work for some time. It is defined as an active, evolving process of conscious, self-direction to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life. Integrating wellness into our healing environment allows clients to transition beyond being ‘symptom free’ to working towards vibrant health. Further, this conversation directs client’s attention on the active role they play in their own health.

We started offering Nutrition Response Testing a couple years ago. Nutrition is a logical companion to health and wellness as we cannot fully expect to heal if we are not eating the appropriate nutrition that would allow this in the first place.

Please read more about the services we are proving at SOC and feel free to call or email your questions to us.

Thank you for visiting our site.