How I discovered the life-saving power of Nutrition Response Testing™

My son was born in December of 2012. By all accounts, he wDORIKIDSas considered a healthy full-term baby. On the day he was born, I noticed that he made a squeaking sound in the back of his throat while nursing. That did not seem ‘normal’ to me, but since none of the professionals seemed concerned, I assumed I was overthinking things.

I think we held him every moment of every day for two weeks. So, when we finally put him down, I realized quickly that he would not fall asleep on his back and was quite restless unless he was upright. He projectile vomited daily and would spit up often. I made some basic shifts with nursing, positioning after feedings, and while sleeping, and he seemed to manage much better. Still, something did not seem right to me. Both as a healthcare professional and as a mom, my instincts were telling me that something was off.

Three weeks after my son was born, my sister came over to cook some meals with me. I was wearing my son (using a carrier to hold him on my chest) while my sister and I cooked furiously over every burner on my stove for hours. Later that afternoon, I laid my son down to change his diaper. Now mind you, this was the only time I laid my son on his back was to change his diaper. His body struggled to breathe in this position. And on this particular day, I heard him struggle to breathe even more than usual. After about 10 seconds on his back, his breath was hardly moving through his throat. I picked him up. He could breathe better. I laid him back down and the same thing happened. I called the pediatrician and they said to call 911. I heard the fire truck and the ambulance coming up the street. My heart was racing. I was trying to stay centered so that I could hear myself think. From beyond my fear, from a place of calm, I heard this voice within myself ask: “What lovely thing is going to come out of this terrifying experience?”

In retrospect, it’s obvious that my son had severe gastric reflux. I was told that my options were a pharmaceutical drug to 'treat' his symptoms or ….I was not sure what? I was against using any drugs, as I knew from my health care training that a medication would not actually heal anything. I intensely pursued all of my connections within physical therapy, seeking a more comprehensive and non-invasive solution for my son. My healing contacts delivered, and I found my way to a chiropractor that used the non-invasive tool of Nutrition Response Testing to analyze underlying health. The first day we visited her, my son tested positive for 3 food sensitivities. The day of my son’s most serious anaphylactic reaction, my sister and I had been cooking with all 3 of these foods in every dish we were making!

Equipped with the critical insights provided by Nutrition Response Testing, I quickly removed these items from my diet. With my dietary changes (I was exclusively nursing), my son was 50% better within 2 weeks, and within 2 months his ‘reflux’ symptoms were completely gone. There were more layers to his healing, and Nutrition Response Testing played a role at every stage. Today, he is an extremely healthy four-year old and I know this work changed the course of his life forever!

I quickly realized, after starting my son and myself on a nutrition program, and experiencing first hand the results that could be achieved in our health, I was driven to bring NRT's amazing results to my Seeds of Change community. I chose to achieve the highest level of training offered, as a graduate of the Advanced Clinical Training Program. I wanted to know everything there was to know about Nutrition Response Testing, and I wanted to learn it all as quickly as I could.  On the way to accomplishing this goal, I traveled for a week every month for 2 years. In the entire world, there are only 500 people who have completed the same Certification Level as me. For those of us with this specialized, thorough training, excellent results are measurable in 98% of our clients.

Today, Nutrition Response Testing has become the cornerstone of my work with clients through the Personal Health Transformation System (PHTS.)  For me, this consistently reliable tool, embedded within the PHTS, is how I will support my community in transforming their health. Cheers to excellent health…my son’s, mine and of course…yours!

~ Dori