Our Team


Dori C. Brown

Owner of SOC
Physical Therapist
Certified Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner

I have always been a science-and-math-loving girl. As a child, my mind was already connected to dissecting and problem solving. I loved the challenge of figuring out how things worked, and most especially…how they could be made to work even better.

I went to college at Iowa State University. I then went on to earn my Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa, which was the #1 School in the nation for PT at that time.

I started out as a PT staff person for a large corporation. I quickly realized that this type of role and routine were not for me, so I decided to become a business owner. Seeds of Change was founded in 1998.

From the beginning, Seeds of Change offered a unique approach to Physical Therapy. I have always done things my own way and created my own path and Seeds of Change was no exception. I believe that everyone has unique needs, a unique path and a clear yearning for something more.  I have never been interested in the one-size-fits-most. I believe there are many ways to get where you want to go. So my approach has always been: “Let’s figure out what is best for you and go that way.”

For 15 years or so, I ran Seeds of Change as a Physical Therapy practice…a unique, caring and successful one. One day, I felt like I was no longer making enough of an impact through my work and I came to realize that what I really wanted to do was effect major change in the healing of my community.

My new direction for my work became clear to me through a very personal experience with my son’s health. To read that story in detail, click hereThrough seeing the radical, life-saving results offered by Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) in my son’s situation, I became convinced of the crucial role NRT can play in transforming lives. I began studying this fascinating and powerful field of science nearly immediately, attaining the highest level of training possible as an Advanced Clinical Training Program Graduate. In so doing, I’m just one of 600 such graduates in the world.

At Seeds of Change, we offer both PT and NRT within our Personalized Health Transformation System (PHTS).  PHTS is a culmination of my life's work. It allows me and my staff to address a wider array of health concerns to then support more individuals in achieving and maintaining optimum health.

It has always been my expectation that every client at Seeds of Change will receive exceptional care and experience outstanding outcomes. My goal is to treat each client as if he or she was a member of my family. I care deeply about the people in my life and am driven every day to offer them the very best opportunities to achieve wellness and happiness. I believe that all of the moments in my life have led me to this place and time, so that I can utilize my unique gifts and experiences in support of healthier community.


Christine Gillies 

Physical Therapist
I have been practicing physical therapy for 27 years after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from Marquette University. I began my professional career in a large hospital and then I moved on to outpatient care. I learned quickly that my ability to care for clients as a ‘whole person’ was hindered by time limitations imposed by these large corporations. Moving to a private practice setting has allowed me to focus on my clients, as I would my family members, in providing not only the care they deserve but the full care and support I feel is necessary while recovering from illness, injury, or surgery. My love and knowledge of body awareness and movement was cultivated in over two decades of dance and gave me direction with the core approach (strengthening the core) to the care I provide. For me, it was a natural progression to continue my education in movement leading to to learning Pilates, Yoga, and Postural Restoration. I feel strongly about staying at the highest level of education available for my practice and decided to pursue my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I graduated from The College of St. Scholastica in 2015. Using an Evidence-Based Approach to care and treating each person, as family, my goal is to empower each of my clients with a self-care management program. This allows each person to work through current issues and problem solve future issues to care for yourself; this includes knowing what to do and when to ask for help. I look forward to helping you become your best “you”.


Amy Wilkie

Physical Therapy Admin Coordinator
My background is mainly in long term care as a Nursing Assistant and a Health Unit Coordinator. I earned certifications through St. Mary's University and DCTC and have a deep love working with the elderly. I am a devoted wife and mother to three teenagers. We also have a home full of animals that I love to care for. I enjoy reading, gardening, going for walks, exploring nature, trying new recipes, coffee with friends and writing. I am a native Minnesota girl but love road trips and hot summer days.
One thing that has been a huge blessing about working at SOC, is that it has helped me maintain and support mine and my family's health and nutrition. The natural approach lines up with my core values and I am thankful to work for a company that comes alongside me.


Lauren Buhmann

Nutrition Response Testing Admin Coordinator
My background is as an art major, I am a medical Illustrator by trade. My under graduate degree was earned at Drake University and I earned my Masters of Medical Illustration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I am married and have one amazing daughter who is earning her Masters as an Occupational Therapist. I enjoy outdoor activities, working out, home decorating, fashion, gardening, and spending time with my family. I am originally from Illinois, but have been here since 2003 and love it!
Working for SOC along with Dori, has been such an amazing experience for me. Its helping me maintain and support my health and nutrition as well as my family's. The holistic approach at SOC aligns with my very idea of how I live my life naturally. I am truly thankful to have this opportunity to work for a company that coincides with my beliefs.


Blaire Selisker

Public Relations Coordinator
I played college soccer at Rochester Community College where I received my 2 year Associates Degree in Retail Merchandising. After I finished at RCTC, I moved back to the cities and continued my studies at Metropolitan State University where I received my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. I have always been an active person. I enjoy working out and doing anything outside. I enjoy traveling and being with my friends and family. I have gone on a family vacation every year since I was 8. I was a flight attendant for a short period of time and that experience gave me the itch to travel more and want to see/experience different countries and cultures. I am also a HUGE sports fan! I love and cheer for all Minnesota sports teams and I love attending different sporting events.