Physical Therapy - Paperwork

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Consent for Treatment

Health History

Auto Accident Information

Worker's Compensation Information


Physical Therapy - Insurance

We work with a number of health insurance companies as 'in-network' providers for some our physical therapy services. This means that we are covered at a higher level than a 'non-participating' or 'out-of-network' provider. We recommend that you call your plan representative to learn more about your specific plan coverage for physical therapy services at Seeds of Change Health Transformation Center. Here are some questions we suggest you ask your insurance carrier:

  • Is Seeds of Change Health Transformation Center in-network?

  • What are my specific benefits? Do I have have co-insurance or a deductible?

  • Do I need a doctor's order or a referral to be seen for physical therapy?

  • Do I have a co-pay for the first visit only or for all treatment sessions?

  • If you do have a co-pay, how much is it?

  • Does my plan have a limit on physical therapy visits? If so, how many visits do I have left for the year?


If you call your plan representative and you find out SOC is 'out-of'network' and you do have some coverage, we will bill your health provider for physical therapy services for you. We also work with individuals who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident (Personal Injury Insurance) and with individuals who have been injured in a work accident (Worker's Compensation). As above, please call your plan representative or case manager to learn more about the process of including physical therapy into your treatment plan. For those of you that do not have physical therapy benefits within your plan, we do offer Healthcare Made Affordable Plans. Please call our clinic directly for more information about these plans. If you need further support in this process, please feel free to call the clinic directly with your questions. Again, we highly encourage you to check on your specific benefits for physical therapy services. We call to verify that you have coverage for benefits at SOC prior to your first visit. We are not able to verify your full benefit package until we have initiated communications with your insurance provider during the billing process.  

Ready to Start?

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