What is Physical Therapy?

By definition, physical therapy is a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty that corrects impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, projection, and treatment. Simply said, our physical therapy treatments are designed to reduce pain, improve/restore mobility, improve independence and broaden client’s self-awareness about their personal needs and how to best meet them. In many cases, our interventions have remedied the need for expensive surgeries and the need for long-term use of prescriptive medications. All of our services (PT, PHTS and wellness) are provided by licensed physical therapists and most of our physical therapy services are covered by your personal health insurance, personal injury policies (auto accident coverage) and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.Each of our physical therapists have extensive professional schooling and advanced clinical training as it is an expectation to maintain their professional medical licenses. Our staff is versed in traditional and non-traditional healing philosophies and current medical research/recommendations to make sure that clients have access to the most current treatment methods in order to optimize their outcomes. Join this with their vast clinical experience, their own life experiences and we have created a unique, effective approach to treatment within our clinic. All physical therapy client’s begin with a physical assessment of abilities and a needs assessment for lifestyle support. This allows us to meet our clients exactly where they are and to tailor a program to achieve their highest outcomes. Our physical therapy treatments goals are:

  1. To enhance the body’s natural capacity to heal itself

  2. to improve function and decrease symptoms

  3. to educate clients about their body and it’s needs

  4. to engage clients in becoming active participants in their own health

  5. and to achieve and maintain optimum health!


Ready to Start?

To schedule an appointment please call the clinic at 952-808-2222 or email admin@seedsofchange.co