Welcome to Seeds of Change Health and Wellness Center. We are a multidisciplinary clinic offering physical therapy, craniosacral therapy, Nutrition Response Testing, wellness coaching and other health and wellness services.

Our physical therapy services range from post-operative care and chronic pain management, to implementing a preventative exercise routine. Our team of highly-skilled physical therapists will customize your treatments to meet your individual needs and expectations.

Nutrition Response Testing is a precise, specific and non-invasive method of testing, analyzing, and correcting nutritional deficiencies and imbalances within the body. This clinically-proven system is different from other healing practices, as it is focused on finding the underlying cause of the issue and helping the body heal itself.

Wellness is defined as: an active, evolving process of conscious, self-direction to achieve a healthy and fulfilling life. We, the Staff of SOC, are on this conscious journey together with our clients. We hold our clients accountable as we empower them through our treatments, activities and education, to achieve the goals and outcomes they have agreed to in their treatment plan. We want our clients to be successful, so we are thoughtful about who we accept as clients.

Our goal is that everyone achieves optimum ongoing health. We expect our clients to do well and heal.  We love what we do and we actually care about our clients and their health. Because of this, we have implemented a number of touch points to help our clients be successful. Feel the love:). It matters to us. We are present for you and have created a nurturing, empowering healing environment for you to grow and heal.

Healing our Community. It is also our goal to heal our community through the same means we use with clients. Educating people is our first start. Please learn more about what we do and see if you have what it takes to change your life and the lives of those around you.

Thank you for visiting our site.